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Choosing Your Window Treatment Fabrics

So how do you even begin to choose the perfect fabric for your window treatments? With thousands of choices for color, pattern, and texture it can seem like a daunting task.

I always say it all starts with You the client!  … your style, whether you like a lot of color, neutrals, patterns, solids, something minimal or over the top.  If you have been stuck and can’t figure out which fabrics or designs to choose, no worries. The other furnishings you like in the room and in your home give us a good idea of your style and the colors and patterns that will work in the room. We must also look at the weight and how the fabric drapes, depending on the treatment.

Don’t settle for only the latest look and colors, make it fit your home and style.

This client wanted some pattern but a soft neutral look. The window treatment fabric works with the dining chairs, has a geometric pattern in the accent color used on the placemats and FR pillows, which gives them just enough color for some interest without being bold. She also didn’t want a ton of hardware so we chose short metal poles in a silver finish to tie into the chandelier and blend into the gray walls.


This client likes color and wanted a pattern since everything else in the room was a solid. The red wall looks great with the red in the fabric.


Trims are a great choice if you like a solid fabric but want just a touch of pattern and color.


Sometimes it will be a combination of fabrics that will work perfectly with your style and your home.

This client loves color and whimsy all over her home, so that’s just what we did, from the combination of fabrics to the hardware selection. A unique window treatment just for them and their home.

Visualizing how the patterns will look for the window treatment style is an important part of the process.  Pleated panels where the pleats are tight will show more color than pattern once they are made and installed. Below is an example. If all the pleats were spaced further apart as on the left side, the pattern would show much more.  If you are doing a valance in a print, make sure the print is the right scale for the valance length.


 Choosing the perfect fabric will depend on your style, the style of your home, the specific treatment, and the rest of the furnishings.  Choose something you love as an inspiration and work from there. It may be a rug, the art in the room, a chair, etc.  These are things that can provide a starting point for the fabric color.  And if you are painting your walls, choose your fabrics first!  It is easier to choose the right undertone in a paint color to go with the fabric than the other way around.  You may also find an unexpected fabric you love and want to paint your walls one of the colors in the fabric.


Once we have your main fabric, we can choose coordinating fabrics for pillows or other window treatment in adjoining rooms. Choose fabrics that coordinate for a beautiful cohesive finished look.


Want help choosing the perfect fabric and window treatment style for your home?  Schedule a Consultation today and let’s add the finishing touches that take your home to the next level!



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