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Mirrors that Make Your Fireplace Wall Sparkle



The fireplace is usually the focal point in the room so let’s make it great!

Today I’ll show you some ideas using mirrors as the main piece of your fireplace decor so you can add some sparkle that very important space.

The most important thing to notice when using a mirror is what it will reflect. Make sure it reflects something appealing, whether it’s natural light, a great view, a chandelier, artwork on the opposite wall, or another piece of decor on the mantle.


Even though I like all the pieces in this picture, what the mirror reflects is not ideal. In this case, a piece of art may have been a better choice, or placing something else on the mantle and in front of the mirror to be reflected.

Grand Palais Mirror - Round


This next mirror reflects the beautiful branch and flowers that also add softness to balance all the wood pieces.

11 (700x630, 512Kb)


This mirror stands out for its gold finish and detail. Adding mantle pieces that are more minimal and blend with each other in color, lets the mirror be the focal piece


Below are three ways to style with this round mirror.

The round shape is repeated on the mantle and inside the fireplace

don't like this decor at all but I like the idea of a large mirror with tall twiggy plants on each side


This one adds color with vases and boxes

Ooo I like it! by cecile


Layering a picture with the mirror and repeating the color in the vase.

ocean mantel by Brigid


A mirror may be paired up with a wreath.

Summer Home Tour 2016 - Bless'er House Summer Home Tour 2016 with Country Living Magazine blesserhouse.com


Choose a mirror that works with the style of the mantle.

A rectangular wall mirror with a gilded frame over a mantel in a living room


You may use more than one mirror for a layered look

Hope your all having a restful week. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the layered mirrors on our mantle when I first did it but I’d say now…


Or layer with family pictures.

I love the layering of the mirror and picture frame in the middle with similar but not exact anchors on the ends


A mix of items and textures for a collected look.

Linen chairs in front on white mantle.


Minimalist look where the finish is repeated in the lanterns and everything is softened with the use of flowers.

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Traditional and a good choice for this living room.

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Mirrors look great above the mantle, just take notice of what they will reflect. Then add a mix of textures and items of different heights, and you are on your way to creating a next level fireplace!


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