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Where Do I Shop for You?

I’ve been asked many times where do I shop for you when it comes to decorative accessories?  Accessories should bring personality to your home, color, texture, and interest, so some thought should be put into which ones will be added to your space.  I do have my favorite local spots in the Atlanta area, as well as online for sourcing, and here are a few.

Homegoods is always a favorite for an “on the spot” grab of items at a good price. Other local spots are At Home, Kirklands, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Westside market, and many more.



I also have access to “to the trade only” lines that can be ordered. These are good resources if we want more specific or unique items or more variety. Atlanta is a great city for “to the trade” resources.

For my virtual e-design projects, I have many online resources.  You may also specify your favorite online retailers.

The important thing about accessories is to choose items that work well together, and are the right size and scale for where they are going to be placed. We also want them to be the right colors, textures, and finishes. Not all metals, ceramics or glass items look good together. Think of it as adding jewelry to your favorite jeans or dress. Certain necklaces will work and others won’t, and the right necklace will work with the right earrings but not with all the earrings.

Make it unique and get creative with your accessories. Layer them, do collages, or place them in unexpected places.

Need a vision to add decorative accessories and complete your decor? We look at what’s already in the room, and source the right accessories for your style and updated next level look.

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