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From What? To Wow

I was called for a consult for this dining room. In a beautiful large home, lots of great moldings, high ceilings…and a mess when it came to the window treatments!
Two windows with sheers, the third one with none, a very thin pole that couldn’t hold the weight of the curtains, messy looking panels…


This client loves and wanted color. A strong color on the walls works because it’s balanced by all the white in the wainscoting, moldings, trim, and chairs. There was no need for sheers, no need for light control or privacy.
So my suggestion was to do two custom drapery panels to frame the wide window. Do them in the color of the wall instead of adding another color, and mount them high to accentuate the ceiling height.
Notice we mount them to only cover the window frame and not the window view or light. Since there is nice woodwork in the center of the wall, we did two short poles vs one long one.


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Dining room design dilema 

Low or high curtain panels

Pretty and functional

Did you know color is the first thing everyone notices when they walk in a room?
It also sets the mood for how it will feel to be in that space.

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