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Transitional Blue Rugs

Rugs can add color, texture, pattern, and control noise too.  When I’m working on a space that needs a new rug, often I will start by choosing that first, especially if we are looking for a rug with pattern and color.  That can be the starting point for our color palette for paint, pillows, window treatments, and accessories.

These blue rugs below come in a variety of sizes, so measure twice and order once 😉

Once of the most common mistakes I see is ordering a rug that is too small for your space. Want to know the best size for your room? See some guidelines here, or schedule an “Ask Eleida” consultation.

See your shopping clickable list below. Happy Decorating!

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Did you know color is the first thing everyone notices when they walk in a room?
It also sets the mood for how it will feel to be in that space.

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