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Classic & Classy Cornices

Cornices are very tailored window treatments, made with a wood frame covered in batting and fabric.

For this man’s office, we wanted a masculine window treatment to complete the look. I designed cornices with a faux suede fabric and nail head detail along the edges for a custom look. They were mounted high to clear the door and allow light in through the window.  Paying attention to detail takes this room to the next level!

Cornices can be designed with many shapes, fabrics, details and looks. Curves can add a little softness to a hard window treatment.

See the source image


Cornices can also be paired with blinds, shades, shutters, or curtain panels. These have a cord design that gives them a classic custom look.


A contrast fabric band can add color and interest. Notice cornices can also work for corners.

cornice window treatment DIY


Here is another classic shape, this time with a neutral contrast fabric band


Decorative flat trim on this one adds a band effect with a small print as well. This shape is also very classic.

On this one let’s just say that when it comes to cornice boards, our imagination is the limit. So, if you thought were boring, think again. They are a good choice when you want a very tailored look. Then we design based on your furnishings, colors, and decor style.


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