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Is Custom the Way to Go with Window Treatments?

When it comes to window treatments, going custom is an investment in quality and a certain look. Ready-made panels have come a long way but if you have the option to go custom, it is what I would recommend. The main reason is that so many of the ready-mades just don’t hang well. Mostly the seams at the edges pull, sometimes making the treatments gather some and shortening them on the ends. Here is an example of what I’m talking about. The reason for this is because the seams are top stitched (you can see seams from the front) going through all the layers at once vs blind stitched on custom where the seam is in the back.  If you look closely, the sides of these green panels are shorter than the center because the seams are pulling the fabric.

Instead, this is how the edges of a custom window treatment look

What should you expect from your custom window treatments?

Exact measurements and fullness, not skimpy.

Huge variety of fabrics, colors, and designs to choose the ones that works best for the room.

Fabric Weights at Corner Hems of Panels – help panels drape well.

Returns – fabric turns on the sides and goes into wall so it looks finished.


More and better hardware choices – poles, finials, medallions, etc


Pattern match for prints – multiple panels or valances will have the pattern in the same place for each treatment, pattern matched at seams.

Double Side and Bottom Blindstitched Hems (stitching doesn’t show on the front)  – important for window treatment to drape the right way.  Prevents side hems from looking pulled and shorter than the center

Upgraded lining-  protects the life of your main fabric but also adds to the look of the window treatment. I use either lining and interlining together (if fabric needs extra body), or a soft hand blackout lining. This assures that window treatments looks “even” when it comes to light coming thru.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to custom window treatments. The way they are constructed affects the final look.

If you want ready-made window treatments in some rooms, there are some tips and tricks to make them look right.

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