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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I remember over two decades ago when formal rooms would have full mirrored walls.  It was a luxury upgrade not everyone could afford and a sign of someone with disposable income.  Then the time for mirrored walls to be a thing passed.  However, in some form or fashion, mirrors have always been a great addition to many walls. Not only for their functionality, but to reflect light, or for the interest they add.

Now, framed mirrors are the updated way to display them, either just one, in pairs, or groupings.

They can be all the same



The same style and frame in different sizes


Truby Round Metal Wall Mirror


Different mirrors with different frames, but similar color finishes


or a mix of shapes, frames, and finishes


When using mirrors, pay attention to what they reflect and where you place them. If you want to reflect natural light, place them across windows, if you want to reflect certain colors or artwork, place them accordingly.

Get creative and enjoy your mirror mirrors on the wall!

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