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Not Your Mother’s Shades

I think we all remember those cheesy roller shades from long ago. The vinyl ones that would either roll up too fast and fall off the brackets, or would only roll up a few inches and had to be taken off to adjust the tension so they would roll all the way up.

For roller shades, those are not the good old days. The good news is that shades have come a looong way since then. The mechanisms are great, whether you choose  cords or chain, cordless, or motorized.  Hundreds of fabric choices from sheer to blackout, and many textures and colors, take these roller shades to the next level!



The top rollers can be covered with a cassette that has matching fabric



Roller Shades can be a good choice if

  • You get too much sun and need a treatment that filters the light
  • You want something that hides behind a valance or cornice
  • You need blackout but want a full view of the outdoors when the treatment is open.
  • you need a cordless option

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North Atlanta, GA


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