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TV Doesn’t Have to be the Black Box in the Room


Our TVs have become the focal point in most Family Rooms, the big black box your eye travels to as soon as you enter the room. Who wants their TV to be just about the only thing that gets noticed in the room? Maybe some men;) but in most instances nobody.

It doesn’t have to be that way if your wall and room is styled correctly. The simplest way to avoid this is to get a newer smart tv that can look like a picture when it’s not being used. Some have a choice of frames or you can make your own.


Another option is to make the tv part of a collage and repeat the black color on frames or other accessories so it blends


By adding a shelf and accessories above, the Tv recedes and other items catch your eye.


Adding texture and interest to the wall can also make the TV part of the whole decor instead of the only item on a wall. A dark color behind it makes it blend in.


Adding other black elements on the wall, like built-ins, makes the black tv be part of the design


So many ways to make the tv feel like it belongs vs the black box in the room!

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