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What Didn’t Sell at the Garage Sale

 Google, Kindle, Pinterest…are books a thing of the past?

Apparently so because it seems to be the one thing I didn’t sell at the garage sale!

Several years ago we bought a house “as is” and full of all kinds of stuff and books, too many for me to keep.  I decided to add them to all the trinkets and have a garage sale.  I sold all the stuff I thought would never sell,  but not the books.   And if you ask me, a missed opportunity for garage sale buyers to have books to use in their decor 😉

Books are great to use in groupings and to add color. Combine and layer them with items of different sizes

BOOK BUNDLE Blue and Grey Stacked Book Bundle for Home Decorating Display


Decorate a tray, flowers, candles, and favorite photo, or a couple of books . . .


Have books you want to protect from dust and touch? Display them inside glass.

Full Bloom Cottage: Decorating Ideas for Bookshelves & Mantles  source 

Add some height with a birdcage and fill it with books. The added greenery beside it softens all the hard textures

Using Bird Cages For Decor: 46 Beautiful Ideas | DigsDigs


Group them by color. Tie them together with rope for a bit of rustic style.

I am loving old books tied together...I've also tied them together with old belts. I love books...


So next time you go to a garage sale grab a few great books to group by theme or color, and make them part of your next level decor. It makes a house feel like home.


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