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When Woven Shades are the Right Choice

Woven Wood Shades are back in a big way!

But when are they the right choice for your space?


When your room has similar textures – these tie in beautifully with the ottomans and the rustic table




When you need another layer of privacy –  here the shades can be lowered for privacy and the fabric curtain panels are stationary and decorative.  These shades also complement the fabrics and earth tones in the room.



When you want to diffuse outside light without completely blocking the view (note that they are also available with privacy lining)

I chose them for this room because they complement the texture and colors of the brick wall on the left.


When you can’t go to the floor with curtains.

These are functional for the window and can be lowered to the seat. The light color and yellow undertone works well with the gold table and light fixtures. A dark woven shade would not have related to anything in the room.


When you want to “warm up” a mostly white space.

Notice the shades relate to the stools and wood floors.


For woven shades to be the right choice, texture needs to be the right choice. The color and texture of the shade also needs to relate to something else in the room for a beautiful finished look.

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Did you know color is the first thing everyone notices when they walk in a room?
It also sets the mood for how it will feel to be in that space.

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